Baby treatment

The baby is easily overshadowed by the problems and conflicts of his parents. When the family is in trouble, the baby may be mistreated. One in ten babies is at risk of being abused.

The neglect of a child is when his or her basic needs are not met. It can take the form of ignoring a child’s physical needs, leaving the child without adequate nutrition, hygiene and appropriate and appropriate clothing. It is also a neglect to leave security. It is also a neglect that the baby is repeatedly left alone with his or her various distressing feelings. Failure to respond to your baby’s needs is also neglect.

Abuse also includes physical, emotional and chemical abuse, sexual abuse and illness in a child. Physical abuse means hurting a baby, for example. by hitting, shaking, or tying. Emotional abuse includes threatening, intimidating, shouting at a baby, and ignoring emotional needs. Chemical abuse includes, for example, giving the baby drugs, alcohol, or drugs that he does not need.

The baby is completely helpless in the face of violence, especially when the abuser is the baby’s own carer. There may be many signs of danger, but they are hidden inside the walls of the home. A parent at home is much alone, with his own, often changing and perhaps distressing intense feelings. Fatigue, sensitivity and wakefulness may become uncontrollable. She may feel that the baby is malicious and causes a difficult situation. Everyday life can become overwhelming.

Often, abuse is about incontinence, lack of information or helplessness. Sometimes maltreatment and harming a baby are also intentional. A baby’s normal crying may seem like an overwhelming demand and attempts are made to silence her. Even a small shake is violence.

The baby may experience symptoms of abuse by avoiding eye contact, turning his / her head off, being joyful, being too independent and coping, and adapting to everything. A symptomatic baby may cry in horror or be silent. He may also hack his head or himself. Abuse can be manifested in the growth and development of the baby as well as in interaction skills.

Abuse has far-reaching consequences. The child may later develop self-esteem. The child may feel sad, unhappy and unpopular. The risk of mental health, substance abuse and interpersonal problems is increasing.

Baby can not wait. The baby has the right to a safe life, good care and care.

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